Blue Frog Creations


Meep is technically a rabbit, but mostly, he's a canvas for creativity. His body is suitable for a variety of claybody customs, preferably with horns and teeth, although the "straight" rabbits are very popular too. Pity the customer who, upon seeing the cow-horned Meep, asked for a horned one "as evil as possible." I'm not sure she or her husband have ever recovered from opening the box. I probably shouldn't have shown them "Supplicants at the Temple of Meep". The original sculpture was completed on Thanksgiving day, November, 2001. .

Chestnut lop-eared Meep Charcoal spotted Meep
Cow-horned Meep Don Goodrich Custom Longhorn Meep
The truly evil Meep - front The truly evil Meep - side

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