Blue Frog Creations

Rumors about artist T. Phillips abound. Most of them - especially the improbable ones - are true. She was hatched from a frog's egg a long time ago, but her human parents loved her anyway and raised her in an environment full of plants, animals, and scale miniatures. While it took longer than usual for her artistic impulses to translate to making actual art, once she did there was no stopping her, occasionally to the chagrin of family members who don't appreciate clay stains on every surface of the household or long-winded explanations about why the stalks of ornamental grasses make terrific slip stirrers. Her friends liken her to Dr. Frankenstein so often that she's tempted to find an apprentice for the sole purpose of naming him (or her) Igor.

The name "Blue Frog Creations" wasn't intended to mean anything in particular, but in retrospect, the fact that all blue frogs are either mutant or poisonous may have had something to do with it.

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