Blue Frog Creations


"Froggy Golightly" was designed as a pot-climber for Don Goodrich's hand-thrown pottery. Due to the need for some unusually delicate trimming while the clay is still very wet, and extremely high breakage in the greenware stage, she's more time-consuming to produce than many larger, seemingly more elaborate sculptures; as a result I don't create many. Logic would dictate not producing her as a figurine, but her stylized form is so ideal for decorating in a variety of designer colors and patterns that I just can't resist making them when time permits. She will be made primarily on a custom order basis, although I may generate a few for saleslists from time to time.

"Floating Blue" Shamrock Mint
Lime Bumblebee Nautical Mint
Shamrock Bumblebee Black Tea Bumblebee
"Frogskin" glaze Red-eyed treefrog v.2
Cadet Blue Red-Eyed Treefrog v.1
Froggy Golightly Cup

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