Blue Frog Creations

Several months ago, a friend and I were discussing our clay-related artistic goals for 2005. I, being foolish, said that my great artistic desire was to have a piece accepted at the juried Art Show at the Dog Show in Wichita, KS "some day."

I stated this goal, out loud, to my friend with an excellent memory, without realizing that the deadline for 2005 entries had not been reached, and I would therefore be expected to make some effort at achieving said goal rather than merely nagging my friend to achieve hers.

I'm pleased, proud, and excited to say that my sole entry, a stoneware claybody custom Channon titled The Stoneware Beast, was accepted,and has been shipped to Wichita Kansas for judging. If anyone lives in the area, or will be attending the Sunflower Cluster dog shows, and would be willing to take pictures for me, I'd be eternally grateful.

I can't even begin to express how excited I am to be accepted at this show. Quite aside from the prestige of acceptance, I have many nostalgic memories of pouring through pictures of the winning entries in the AKC Gazette and my thoughts of "some day" turned out to be a little sooner than I expected. I couldn't be happier.

In other news, I've completed several sculptures recently which I'm itching to mold. Sneak peeks are available on the Upcoming Releases page.

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